Prime Your Brain

priming my brain

  I read a blog post from Steve Pavlina yesterday that has stayed with me ever since.  He talks about priming your brain for personal growth.  I love the idea and it fits with my "raise my standards" kick that I have been on lately.  I want to surround myself with ideas and items that support my values and help me to live the best life I can live for myself and the people around me. Here are some signs I placed around my home today. In my office: In my bedroom … [Read more...]

Mistakes and Disappointments

Sewing an Invisible Zipper

  The one thing that crafting teaches you is how to deal with mistakes and disappointments.  The last sewing project I did had two mistakes requiring my seam ripper.  A zipper that was put in backwards and a neckline that bunched too much on one side. I wasn't particularly happy with my mistakes.  A bit more attention would have avoided them, but I knew exactly what needed to be done - rip it out and start again.  The zipper was re-done immediately.  The neckline took me a little … [Read more...]

Project No. 2: Simplicity 1783

simplicity 1783

  Another (almost) finished project: Simplicity 1783. Why almost?  Well, if you look closely at the neckline you will see the problem.  The gathering looks, and is, uneven plus, the front pleat is separated (happened while gathering).  I need to remove the band and sew it again.  I know this will be a piece I will wear again and again so it will be worth the work. Overall, I really liked how this shirt turned out.  It was the first thing I have sewn using my new dress form and … [Read more...]

Sewing an Invisible Zipper (Video)

Sewing an Invisible Zipper

  I am in the middle of sewing Simplicity 1783 (Top, View B).  I was so excited starting the invisible zipper.  I watched a few YouTube videos, pinned, basted and sewed.  Then, this happened. Yes, I sewed the zipper in backwards!  Oh, well, that is why we have seam rippers. Rip, rip, rip.  The next time I tried it I was successful!  Yay, me. I made a video showing the steps to sewing in this invisible zipper to help anyone else who is going to be making the top in Simplicity … [Read more...]

Crafty Ramblings

Super Easy Crocheted Cowl

  Yes, another Super Easy Crocheted Cowl.  I crocheted this using Vanna's Choice acrylic yarn from Michaels.  Warning, if you use this yarn to make the cowl it will be smaller than one crocheted using Knit Picks Brava Worsted (less yardage). By the way, you can find discounts on yarn at Craftsy.  Interesting selection with some yarns discounted up to 80%.  Click here to view the selection. Still it worked out fine.  This was a birthday gift for a friend.  I love the color.  The yarn … [Read more...]

Knit Picks Brava Worsted Review

knit picks brava worsted

  My go to acrylic yarn used to be Caron Simply Soft.   It was soft, washed well and didn't pill or fuzz (that much).   However, lately I have not been too happy with the quality of the yarn.  The last time  I used it I noticed the yarn fluffed badly after it was washed.  Not a good thing. I decided to try out Knit Picks Brava in a worsted weight.  This is a 100% acrylic yarn. Quick Run-Down: I give this yarn 4.5 stars (on a five star scale).  Overall it is an affordable … [Read more...]