Favorite Reads

  In April, I wrote a post about reading deeply.  I have done a good job of following the system I laid out in that post.   It has helped me retain more of the content I am reading.   That has been helpful when discussing the books in my book clubs. Now, I want to share some favorite reads with you.* :  I know, I know.  I can't believe I have not read this one.  One of my books for an October meeting is .  I wanted to read The Shining before I delved into the sequel.  I really … [Read more...]

Crocheted Table Runner – Re-thinking

crocheted table runner

I finished weaving in ends and blocking the motifs (hmm, the lazy way - using an iron).   I was in the process of putting the motifs together.  I decided I wasn't too crazy about the layout I had envisioned. I am not crazy about the yellow motif in the middle.  The yellow isn't working for me and the motif is too small.  Instead, I am going to go with a different color and crochet the same motif that I am using for the blue and green. I think that color will look nicer. Have a … [Read more...]

Sewing Yoga Pants …. Well, Capris

sewing Yoga Pants Pattern

  I never thought I would attempt to sew exercise wear.  Honestly, I can usually find what I need on sale.  Why go through the trouble?  Well, I wanted a good pair of yoga capris.  What I could find (in my price range) was made with terrible fabric.  What I loved was beyond my budget. A quick search on Etsy and I found a pattern I thought might work:  Jocole Ladies Yoga Pants, Capris and Shorts . I decided to make the capris for my first attempt.  The pattern is downloaded in a … [Read more...]

Crocheted Table Runner – Playing with Things

crocheted motifs - table runner

  I am in the midst of crocheting Motif #6. Craftsy's FREE Mini-Classes - click here. I need about 20 of these motifs - 10 in blue and 10 in green. Here are some configurations I am playing with for the table runner. It is more of an open pattern.  I would add a few more smaller motifs to tie everything together.   I am leaning towards the one on the right.  I like using the green and blue motifs on the same row. Here is the other pattern I am thinking … [Read more...]

Crocheted Table Runner – The Next Step

crocheted motifs - table runner

  Well, I finished crocheting the main set of motifs I am going to use. That is a stack of 33 motifs from  (affiliate link).  It is Motif #101.  I am using a Boye No. 8 steel hook. This is the layout I have in mind right now. In between each row I think I am going to alternate the following motifs. This is motif #6 in the book.  Only three rows to this motif and pretty easy to do. I am going to be blogging my progress as I go along.   You can see my first post … [Read more...]

Crocheted Table Runner – Follow Along

crochet motif

  I have started a table runner.  I don't know where this is going. I have started by making Motif No. 101 from  (affiliate link).   I have decided to blog my progress so you can follow along on this adventure. At the end, I will post the "pattern" for the table runner.  All motifs for this table runner will be found in the book. I am using Curio by Knit Picks. So far, I really like using this thread.  It is easy to work with and has a nice feel to it. What are you … [Read more...]