December 2014 Favorite Reads

  December 2014 was a banner reading month for me.  I managed to finish 11 books.  Unfortunately, the extra reading time was due to a family emergency.  Reading was one of the things that helped to get me through that tough month. This one made my best books of 2014.  You can read about it here. Brilliant stories.  Age definitely is a theme here. Most of the characters are elderly and looking back on their lives while they try to struggle through the present.  The … [Read more...]

I Don’t Really Like to Sew


  Confession time.  I have been sewing quite a bit lately.  In the middle of my latest project I realized: I don't really like to sew. What?  Why am I taking all of this time to sew clothing if I don't like it?  It makes no sense what so ever. When I started thinking about it I realized the things I like about sewing outweigh the dislike of the actual sewing itself. I love shopping for fabric and looking for patterns. I love reading sewing blogs and browsing Pattern … [Read more...]

Favorite Books of 2014 and November 2014 Reads

  Favorite Books of 2014 I read a ton of great books in 2014.  Here are the ones that stayed with me the most.  I hope that you find one to gift to yourself or a loved one.  All links in this post are affiliate links.  Thanks for your support. The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood  (Read February 2014) A novel about a dystopian society which I found heartbreaking on so many levels.  Ultimately, this book is about loss:  loss of freedom, loss of home, loss of identity, and loss … [Read more...]

Crocheted Table Runner – Finished!

Crocheted Table Runner

    Finally finished!  My table runner using motifs from  (affiliate link). I used Curio by Knit Picks.  A great thread for crochet. Motifs Used (Curio color and motif number): A total of 53 motifs. Crochet Hook: Motif No. 101 - color: Victorian - 33 motifs  (Note: on the web site Victorian looks rose colored.  The thread I received is closer to the Hollyberry color on their site.) Motif No. 6 - color: Lichen - 10 motifs Motif No. 6 - color: Ciel  - 10 motifs I … [Read more...]

Vogue 8897 – The Last 2014 Summer Dress

vogue 8897 - front view

  I wish I had made this at the beginning of summer!  This is Vogue 8897. This is the perfect dress for me.  Easy to throw on at the last minute and very comfortable.  The front cuts low so a camisole underneath is a must.  I was able to wear it once before the weather cooled down.  I loved it. The fabric is from Jo Ann's.  A nice weight cotton fabric with a great design and colors. This was a very easy sew.  No zippers or difficult sewing to do.  The only issue I had … [Read more...]

October 2014 Favorite Reads

  I managed to read nine books in October.  I started ten, but could not finish one of them.  Normally, I stick with a book once I start it.  However, there are so many books I want to read and there is not enough time to waste on books that don't work for me. How are you with books? Can you drop one if it doesn't work or do you stick it out to the end? My absolute favorite read in October was: * This book was my second favorite read of this year.  The first was  (see my … [Read more...]