Crocheted Table Runner – The Next Step

crocheted motifs - table runner

  Well, I finished crocheting the main set of motifs I am going to use. That is a stack of 33 motifs from  (affiliate link).  It is Motif #101.  I am using a Boye No. 8 steel hook. This is the layout I have in mind right now. In between each row I think I am going to alternate the following motifs. This is motif #6 in the book.  Only three rows to this motif and pretty easy to do. I am going to be blogging my progress as I go along.   You can see my first post … [Read more...]

Crocheted Table Runner – Follow Along

crochet motif

  I have started a table runner.  I don't know where this is going. I have started by making Motif No. 101 from  (affiliate link).   I have decided to blog my progress so you can follow along on this adventure. At the end, I will post the "pattern" for the table runner.  All motifs for this table runner will be found in the book. I am using Curio by Knit Picks. So far, I really like using this thread.  It is easy to work with and has a nice feel to it. What are you … [Read more...]

Summer Dressing – Simplicity 2262

Simplicity 2262, View C.

  Happy Fourth of July!!!! Glamour shot!!!  How do you like my air cast?  I am off the crutches and able to drive now.  Such a big difference.  I was a disaster with the crutches. I have culled my closet so much that I don't have many easy, breezy summer dresses.  Luckily, my sewing mojo came back.  Once I got the itch to sew I headed straight to the fabric store. This is Simplicity 2262, View C.  Also, known as Sewing Project No. 3 of 2014.  Wow, I thought would have … [Read more...]

Crocheted Flower

Layered Dimensions Crochet Flower

  Here is my Layered Dimensions Crochet Flower on a bag I made a few years ago.   I use this bag to carry current crochet projects.  Right now I am working on a table runner using crochet blocks from  (affiliate link). You can find the pattern for the flower here. … [Read more...]

On Pause

ankle boot

  Well it looks like my balanced life has now been put on PAUSE.  Yes, klutzy me tripped and broke my ankle this past weekend. No driving, stuck on crutches and wearing this big, heavy boot on my foot.  At least I was given an option of cast or boot.  A no brainer (even though my insurance would not pay for it).  I can remove it for icing the foot and showering. I am terrible on crutches.  Today, I remembered I have a rolling chair in my office.  Yes, that thing has been put to … [Read more...]

Sewing? Well, sort of ….


  Honestly, the crafting mojo has not been with me lately.   This past Sunday I decided to dust off the sewing machine and do some light re-fashioning. Normally, I wouldn't consider this sewing.  But, why be so limiting with language?  I used a sewing machine so that is sewing to me. I had a pair of crop pants (the leg length didn't suit me).  I don't wear these anymore because of the length issue.  I kept the pants because I overall like the fit (pants are a tough fit on me) and … [Read more...]