Crocheted Table Runner – Finished!

Crocheted Table Runner

    Finally finished!  My table runner using motifs from  (affiliate link). I used Curio by Knit Picks.  A great thread for crochet. Motifs Used (Curio color and motif number): A total of 53 motifs. Crochet Hook: Motif No. 101 - color: Victorian - 33 motifs  (Note: on the web site Victorian looks rose colored.  The thread I received is closer to the Hollyberry color on their site.) Motif No. 6 - color: Lichen - 10 motifs Motif No. 6 - color: Ciel  - 10 motifs I … [Read more...]

Vogue 8897 – The Last 2014 Summer Dress

vogue 8897 - front view

  I wish I had made this at the beginning of summer!  This is Vogue 8897. This is the perfect dress for me.  Easy to throw on at the last minute and very comfortable.  The front cuts low so a camisole underneath is a must.  I was able to wear it once before the weather cooled down.  I loved it. The fabric is from Jo Ann's.  A nice weight cotton fabric with a great design and colors. This was a very easy sew.  No zippers or difficult sewing to do.  The only issue I had … [Read more...]

October 2014 Favorite Reads

  I managed to read nine books in October.  I started ten, but could not finish one of them.  Normally, I stick with a book once I start it.  However, there are so many books I want to read and there is not enough time to waste on books that don't work for me. How are you with books? Can you drop one if it doesn't work or do you stick it out to the end? My absolute favorite read in October was: * This book was my second favorite read of this year.  The first was  (see my … [Read more...]

Simplicity 2226 – Flirty Skirt with Pockets

simplicity 2226 - skirt with pockets

  Simplicity 2226 is a part of their Learn to Sew series of patterns.  I think if you have never sewn a garment before it might be a bit of a stretch (maybe you need a challenge?).  It does involve pockets and a zipper. I really like this skirt. It has a nice sized waist band and pockets (a great detail).  It is worn about 1" below your natural waist.  I cut a bigger size than I should have so on me it is further down.  Next time I will cut a smaller size. This is a … [Read more...]

September 2014 Favorite Reads

  Too many books to read and not enough time!  In September, I read seven books.  Here are some of the favorites from last month.* One of the best books I have read this year.  It is a beautiful, life affirming book set in WWII.  You follow a blind French girl and an orphaned German boy as they live their lives during this difficult time.  The writing is glorious.  The characters are amazing and full of resilience and courage.  Yes, cruel and harsh things happen in this story. … [Read more...]

Favorite Reads

  In April, I wrote a post about reading deeply.  I have done a good job of following the system I laid out in that post.   It has helped me retain more of the content I am reading.   That has been helpful when discussing the books in my book clubs. Now, I want to share some favorite reads with you.* :  I know, I know.  I can't believe I have not read this one.  One of my books for an October meeting is .  I wanted to read The Shining before I delved into the sequel.  I really … [Read more...]